Tuesday, 19 August 2014



I knew before starting reading it that I would love it. I loved Amy & Roger's Epic Detour and Second Chance Summer and I knew that I would love Since You've Been Gone. However, this time, it has been more personal, more special and it is definitely my favourite book from Morgan Matson. Absolutely. And I want to tell you why is so special to me. I have seen me reflected in Emily, I have seen my I three years ago. On the first chapters I was already crying because of that. I could feel the loneliness from Emily. She was completely lost without Sloane and I could feel it on my skin. When you feel a story in this way it is impossible not to love it.
“It just gets hard, always being someone's second choice” 
It is not a book about love. The most important thing here is the friendship. Since You've Been Gone is a book about Emily. It is a book about her development, about the search of herself… you will grow up at the same time as Emily. You will find yourself between the letters of this book. However, how is she going to achieve that? Through the Sloane's list. After Sloane left her behind without any clue, she sent to Emily a letter in which there was only a list with thirteen challenges to complete (you should read it if you want to know them). In spite of everything, Emily will not be alone. She will have Frank Porter: he is the president of the class, shy, awkward and he will arrive in Emily's life without anyone can realize. I LOVED how the relationship between Emily and Frank grew up slowly, very slowly. I was shighing during all the story through the looks between them or the positions of the hands (if you read it you know what I mean). Due to the beautifully style of Morgan Matson, we see how something is happening without it is actually happening. I loved the little details on the book such as the playlists Emily and Frank use when they are running (The Beatles 
"What?" Frank asked, his eyes on mine.
"Just..." I took a shaky breath. "Nobody's ever said something like that to me."
"Then they don't see what I see," he said.” 
The best of Morgan's books are her characters. Totally. They feel so real on her pages, she knows how to create characters in which the reader can see reflected on them and I don't have another choice than clap wildly to Morgan Matson. Emily will take risks, she will confront her fears and she will learn the incredible person she is individually. She will see that she doesn't need anyone to be who she is. 

So, Emily will find Sloane? Emily will complete all the challenges? You will discover the answers of these questions on Since You've Been Gone. Besides, the story takes place on summer so it is perfect to read it right now! I need more from Morgan Matson. I loved all her stories and all her characters. Since You've Been Gone
brought me back to reading with excitement again! 

Since You've Been Gone can seem a simple story but there are many little details and messages between its words. It is a book about the development as a person, about loving yourself without anyone needs to tell you. Do a favour to yourself and read it.


  1. I'm glad you enjoyed this book as I'm currently reading it at the moment! I'm only 80 pages in and this is my first book by Morgan Matson but so far, so good :)
    amelia from wonder reads

  2. Aww, Thank you! It really means a lot ♥ You will adore it in all its aspects! I'm sure you will want to read the other two books from her!

  3. That is the next book I want to read, I hope to get it soon.

    greetings :)

    1. You will love it! ♥

      Thanks for your comment!