If you come to visit me at my house, you will find me on my pyjama with a messy hair bun. But, most importantly, you will find my with a book on my hands. Always. If I don't, I will likely be writing some crazy stories on the computer. 

My favourite color is green and I love winter. I dream about living in Ireland, Scotland or Canada. I love reading anime and manga. I dream about my blue prince, well at least, about a boyfriend. I  happy endings. I'm 20 years old and I love rainy days. I think there is no day that I don't eat chocolate. I'm always smiling even if I'm not in a good mood. I will always do my best. Even if it something difficult, even if it is something imposible. I will never give up. As you can see there is no order in the ideas but I'm very very scatterbrained. I'm studying English at University and I would like to be a translator, editor, but above all, I want to be a writer. I'm not looking for fame or success with the blog, I just like to share my passion which are books. But, I don't only want to talk about them. I would also like to talk about writing, music, films... everything that happens to me.

Ups! I almost forgot! I'm Spanish so... be pacient with my grammar! I will do my best to improve it!  

RATING SYSTEM (by Paperiot)

 Awful. Avoid at all costs. 
 Bad. Better stay away. 
 Forgettable. Not recommended. 
 Okay. Maybe recommended.
 Enjoyable. Likely recommended.
 Good. Recommended. 
 Great. Highly recommended. 
 Amazing. Must read.
 Perfect. Life-changing.


  1. Hi sweetie!! =D

    I love your introduction and let me just tell you that I'm just like you! love rainy days, loooove chocolate and if I don't have a book in my hands I have my e-reader. Shocking, uh?
    I didn't think you were Spanish! That's just wonderful! And I created my English blog cause I just love talking about books that I read and loved and I hope we'll do it sometimes :)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog, surely count me in as your new follower <3 (and stalker with good intentions!)

    1. Awwwww, really, you're too cute! ♥ THAT'S GREAT, WE ARE GOING TO GET ALONG TOO WELL! ;)

      I know, I created the blog for the same reasons as you! :D
      Thanks for stopping by my blog too, count me in as your new follower too! ♥